Nesrin İlker Peker

ERKA GROUP, Payment Systems Director

Nesrin İlker Peker graduated from Middle East Technical University Mathematics Department in 1991 and she started her career as a software developer at Turkey Isbank Inc. Information Technologies Department in the same year. She became Assistant Manager at Software Development Department in 2004, then she was assigned as a Director to Softtech Inc., which is a subsidiary of Isbank, in 2011.

After having started as a software specialist at Isbank Card Payment Systems Department, she had tenure as a manager for over 20 years at the same department where she has managed payment system’s framework, software development and all projects. She is expert on Credit and Debit Cards Management, Merchant Management, POS Products, EMV Applications, ATM Applications, Online and Offline Management. She has also led many innovative projects of Card Payment Systems of Isbank. She participated as a member of BKM Chip Committee between 2004 and 2006.

Besides, she has managed the units of Sales and Marketing, Purchase, Contract Management, Research & Development and Technology Center Management, Corporate Relations and Project Office Management as a Director at Softtech Inc.

She has been working at ERKA Group as a Payment Systems Director since November 2020. She is also head of R&D Center at the same time where manages national and international R&D support programs. Moreover she leads four technological work groups which are named Iot, AI, Big Data and Neuro Science.

Additionally she has been giving mentorship in the field of finance at İTÜ Çekirdek since February 2019. She has been writing articles at Payment System Magazine and She has been also active member of Blockchain Turkey Platform work groups. Nesrin Ilker Peker who is married with two kids, knows advanced English and intermediate French.