Mustafa Bezeklioğlu

Türkiye Finans, CIO

Bezeklioğlu graduated from Computer Science Engineering Department of Hacettepe University. He completed his MBA at Gebze Technical University. He started his career at Koçbank and assumed various positions in Software Development processes. He started serving as the Head of Payment Systems Software Department at Yapı Kredi Bank after the merger of Koçbank and Yapı Kredi Bank in 2006. He worked as a Manager in charge of Application Architecture, Methodologies and Quality Assurance at Yapı Kredi Bank between 2010 and 2012. Bezeklioğlu started working at Türkiye Finans Participation Bank in 2012, and respectively served as the VP responsible for Software Teams, VP for Product and Service Development and as a CIO, and still continues serving in this position.