Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil

Department of Economics and Science and Technology Policies Research Center (METU-TEKPOL), Middle East Technical University

Erkan Erdil (Ankara, 1968) studied Political Science and Public Administration at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. He received Bachelor of Science degree in 1990. In 1990, he started studying Economics at the same university. He received Master of Science degree in 1994. He further received Ph.D. in 2001 from University of Maastricht. He was appointed as instructor in 1997 and as the vice-chairman of the Department of Economics at METU. He was, then appointed as associate professor in 2005 and professor in 2011. He was also the director of Science and Technology Policies Research Center (METU-TEKPOL) between 2002-2017 and the chair of Science and Technology Policy Studies department. He served as National Delegate for 7th Framework Programme, Research Potential and Regions of Knowledge between 2007 and 2013. He was the board member of GLOBELICS (The global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems). He was the member of executive board of ISS (International Schumpeter Society) between 2018-2021. Moreover, he is the coordinator/researcher of various national and international projects such as H2020, FP7, European Commission, World Bank, ILO, FAO, TUBITAK, Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry, Ministry of Development. He teaches introductory economics, microeconomics, statistics, econometrics, and technology and work organization courses. His main areas of interest are labor economics, economics of technology, applied econometrics, economics of information and uncertainty. He worked in research projects of national and international organizations. He has been author/co-author, and referee of articles in American Economic Review, Applied Economics, Applied Economics Letters, Agricultural Economics, METU Studies in Development and presented papers to various international conferences.